The Curtis Law Trophy – Encouraging the Lawyers of Tomorrow

23 May 2013

Curtis Law Solicitors are proud to be sponsoring Norden High School's law department, with the introduction of the Curtis Law Trophy for 'Achievements in Law'. Tying into Curtis Law Solicitors ethos of 'Achieving The Best For You', the award was presented at the school's end of years Law Awards dinner to Christopher Kavanagh who continually strived to achieve his best throughout the school year.

The dinner, which was held at Karims restaurant in Manchester last week, was attended by students, parents, and teachers, as well as delegates fromCurtis Law Solicitors and the local constabulary. Milly Howard and Ghania Hussain also won prizes donated by Curtis Law for their individual achievements.

With several staff who attended Norden High School prior to joining the firm, Curtis Law Solicitors view this sponsorship and involvement with Asia Mallik and her law department as the ideal way to give an incentive to some of Lancashire's youth who are interested in the law as a career, and give them the confidence they need to pursue their dream.

Curtis Law Trophy award winner Christopher Kavanagh is pictured with Chief Crown Prosecutor Nazir Afzal, Head of the Law Department Asia Mallik, and Inspector Abid Khan of Lancashire Constabulary.