Noise Induced Hearing Loss: Festival season

19 July 2019

Summertime in the UK brings its fair share of music festivals. From the globally known Glastonbury to the more locally known Beat-Herder festival that took place this past weekend, festivals have a hidden danger in the form of hearing loss and tinnitus.

A recent BBC article on the subject showed that one in ten people have now been diagnosed with Tinnitus and the rise of the condition in young people is growing, with a fair portion of this owed to damage caused at concerts and festivals.

Festivals tents and concert halls are shown to emit noise levels of between 90 and 110 decibels and exposure to these noise levels can see your hearing damaged within a mere matter of 5 minutes when exposed to the top end of this range.

Hearing protection is on offer at these events in the most part, however, they are seen as uncool to wear and that they may ruin some part or all of the experience that the live band have to offer. This is understandable as people pay hundreds of pounds for festival & concert tickets and do not want to lose any enjoyment from the performer, however, it is more of a price to pay if that experience then goes on to irreparably damage your hearing for the rest of your life.

The advice is to therefore look to wear Hearing Protection wherever possible, or at least have a break from the exposure at regular intervals.

Hearing loss in general is more commonly caused by exposure to loud noise through occupation and that is something that we at Curtis Law Solicitors can help you with. If you feel that you may have had your hearing damaged by noise exposure by an employer then contact one of our Industrial Disease Team specialists on 01254 297130 and we will be able to have a discussion with you about the prospects of bringing a claim for your injuries.