Are you using ladders (at home or work) safely?

17 August 2017

Records suggest that around 48,000 people a year in the UK attend Accident and Emergency departments following a fall from a ladder. Furthermore it is reported that that ladders account for around 40% of falls from height accidents investigated by the Health & Safety Executive in workplaces in the UK each year.

With more people than ever involved in DIY the chances of an accident increase with the most common reason for a fall being due to the ladder not being secure and/or people overreaching and losing their balance.

Sadly there are even horror stories involving fatalities due to ladder misuse/failure. 

But what can be done to stop this occurring?

All employers owe their workers a duty of care and are legally obliged to ensure their employees are suitably trained in the use of ladders/ working at height. They must ensure that all jobs are risk assessed and the equipment is in good working order. Simple steps for ALL ladder users can include:-

  1. Carrying out pre-use checks
  2. Using all equipment in accordance with instructions;
  3. In particular check the locking mechanism
  4. Ensure the ladders are fitted with ladder grips

Failure to do so could result in serious injury. 

The safe use of all ladders whether at home or at work cannot be overemphasised.

Product recall:-

The use of telescopic ladders is growing more popular due to their ease of storage and convenience.

In the news recently, however,  it was reported that Derbyshire County Council, along with Trading Standards were involved in withdrawing as many as 28,000 set of ladders from sale due to them failing to reach the recognised standard for ladder design, safety and structure.

These are often low cost products, purchased online and are imported from outside the EU which may even may declare themselves compliant with relevant standards

If you have ever suffered an accident at work involving ladders or suffered an incident and injury at home due to faulty ladders contact CLS today on 01254 297130 or via our contact us page here.

Teresa Entwistle, Curtis Law Solicitors LLP