Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

21 March 2018

What is RSI?

This is a general term in relation to pain in the muscles, tendons and nerves caused by overuse or repetitive movements. It usually affects the upper body parts including back, hands, fingers, wrists, neck and shoulders.

Causes of RSI.

RSI can be caused by a wide range of employment including roles which have repetitive movements such as carpentry and distribution work although it does not need to involve a heavy lifting or manual role it can be caused by using the computer or working on a supermarket checkout. In addition poor posture can cause the injury. Cold temperatures and using vibrating machinery can increase the risk of getting RSI. It is not always employment that causes RSI - it can also be caused by hobbies such as golf or potentially caused by a medical condition.

Symptoms of RSI.

RSI can manifest itself in areas of the upper body. Symptoms include having a dull or sharp ache, feeling stiff, tingling, weakness, cramping or numbness. Initially it usually only becomes apparent when carrying out a repetitive action although over a period of time it can become constant. Employers Duties in regards to RSI. In order to prevent causing injury to their employees, employers are under a duty to carry out risk assessments for all roles. Following the risk assessment, an adequate procedure should be put in place to reduce the risk of RSI. This procedure should include regular breaks, job rotation (for example only being exposed to vibrating equipment or heavy lifting for short period) and equipment being provided such as hoists to assist heavy lifting. Further measures which should be enforced by the employer include appropriate seats to correctly support the employees and mouse mats supporting the wrists. Suitable training should be provided to demonstrate the importance and need for such procedures.


It is only upon diagnosis of a condition that a person can be compensated. If you are suffering symptoms the initial step would always be making an appointment with your GP and getting a professional diagnosis. This would rule out any other causes.

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