Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Agriculture

18 July 2018

When people think about noise in the work place damaging their hearing, most automatically think about the heavy industry workers such as steel workers, ship workers or coal miners although there are a multitude of industries where somebody can damage their hearing including agriculture.

In particular production agriculture can result is high levels of noise. This can include noise from tractors, harvesters, chain saws, guns, silage blowers, grain grinding and drying or the noise from the animal. In particular if older or damaged equipment is being used.

The legislative limit in regards to noise exposure in England and Wales is 80 dB (A) over an 8 hour period prior to hearing protection being provided and once hearing protection is provided noise should not exceed 85 dB (A) whilst wearing the protection. Dependent upon the type of protection being worn noise levels can be reduced by up to 30 dB (A) although this is only if they are correctly worn and the correct size for the person wearing the protection.

Noise levels of various agriculture equipment can vary with some tractors measuring a noise level of 112 dB(A); chainsaws measuring 120 dB(A); combine harvesters measuring 105 dB(A); grain drying 102 dB(A) grain grinding 97 dB(A); and pig squeals measuring up to 115 dB(A).

As all of the noises assessed above exceed the legislative limit a person should not be exposed to this noise for 8 hours continuously and should be rotated to a quieter environment. Alternatively the equipment should be quietened using mufflers, silencers or repairing damaged equipment; and hearing protection should be provided and enforced.


Once a person notices their hearing loss it is essential to seek legal advice as soon as possible. A person only has a maximum of 3 years to bring a claim for hearing loss once it is noticed and they link it to an act of negligence.

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