Curtis Law advising North West Landlords

04 September 2017

Curtis Law Solicitors have expertise in advising Landlords across the region on a range of legal matters. This includes how to deal with rent arrears, damaged property and bad tenants.

Iain Blundell, Solicitor in our Litigation Department, represents a number of Landlords across the North West of England and his expertise has been identified by the North West Landlords Association. Iain is pleased to be presenting a talk to the NWLA meeting tonight (Monday 4th September) in Manchester, specifically assisting the Landlords in dealing with difficult tenants.

Iain comments: “I am delighted to have been invited back to speak again at the North West Landlords Association meeting. This group includes individual landlords with one buy-to-let property, right through to businesses holding a large portfolio of investment properties. I am always pleased to deliver training or presentations to these groups, as there are a lot of changes coming into force and Government policies always seem to be adding costs or administrative burdens for landlords. It is very important that the landlords are kept abreast of these developments and stay on top of all the changes.”

Recent changes include (not exhaustively) amendments to the required Notices which are served on tenants, protection of the tenant’s deposit in a government scheme, changes to the tax position and mortgage tax relief, increased requirements to serve documentation on tenants at the start of a tenancy, Gas Safety Certificates, Energy Performance Certificates, and a letting agent fee ban.

Clearly, there is a lot for Landlords to be aware of! If you are a new landlord, starting up with one property, you perhaps still have a full time job. Have you got the time to read up on all of these changes? At the other end of the scale, the company running multiple properties and dealing with dozens of tenants needs to ensure that they get it right every time. One simple error can become a very expensive mistake!

Curtis Law are happy to be involved with the North West Landlord Association, providing helpful advice and ensuring that their members avoid any legal difficulties where possible.

Are you a landlord? Or Letting Agent? Do you need advice about how to deal with tenants, tenancy agreements, or property matters? Iain Blundell, or our expert team, can assist across a wide range of Landlord and Tenant enquiries – please contact us direct on 01254 297130.

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